Monday, October 20, 2014


Him: We took him back to the place that was the inspiration for his naming.

Her: Could this be the place where she will one day make her fame ?

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Saturday, October 11, 2014


Him: An invitation to go on an outing for the day with his cousins....they swam in the Lake for was freezing

Her: Indulging her younger cousins with a little pretty makeup.

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Ten on Ten - October

Ten photos over Ten hours on the Tenth of the month....

This was our day... 

* Collecting stickers

* New suitcases purchased

* Jump rope with the little girls

* Fresh beetroot from the garden

* Making little girls even prettier

* Much more kit than her mamma

* Trying to reorganize the teen's bedroom

* Always good to win something on the scratchie

* Onions sliced ready for dinner

* Great excitement over seeing the first pay hit the bank account

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Thursday Thankful List

* Day outings with cousins

* Brave little guys who take on freezing temps at the lake

* My huge to do list seems to have been done

* The going away on a holiday to do list that's not too long

* Splashing out on some new suitcases

* The excitement of a first pay day

* Watching the teen make her first financial decisions

* A newly painted and nearly organised bedroom for the teen

* Friends in the street to hang out with

* School holiday timing

* The ironing pile that is no more

* Almost empty to clean it.

* The anticipation of spending time with friends

* Swapping and sharing furniture

#816 Sleepovers that wern't held here.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hanging with crafty friends

These school holidays have been different.....usually I set out to conquer a huge list of things to know...
the de cluttering, cleaning, sorting ,working part time, keeping kids entertained, reading a few good books , sleep ins......

Well this time I didn't have a list......
partly because there were quite a few things already in the competitions, sleep overs, work days, husband home days, new part time job shifts and repainting bedrooms.

Without me having my own agenda other nice things happened

One of the highlights was Meg having a couple of friends over to sleep and craft...

Despite our small house being in disarray due to the painting of the a all worked fine..

The weather was perfect for heading outside and making a mess.....the dye kind of mess...

Socks, t-shirts, pillowcases...nothing was safe from the colour being splashed around....

and when the dye needed time to be doing it's thing, there was some more stencils to be made....
I ducked out at one stage to have my haircut and on returning an hour later...a newly gifted pair of jeans had been turned into shorts!!! Lucky her aunt understands her creative niece (they were op shopped jeans)

In true style my girl always has dance on her brain.

It was lovely to see her helping her friends in their crafty endevours.....and apparently her friends didn't mind in the slightest that our home was less than ready for guests....

Ahhh school holidays never really do know what they might throw up ...and sometimes getting rid of to do lists is a good thing.

It also helps that we have a trip planned for next week to look forward to .

I think I will be able to link to Leonie this week.....

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A long overdue redo...

It was decided that it was time to repaint Meg's room.....we first painted it when she was three......
The pink has suited her all these years.....but once we came through the  " masses of posters covering the wall" phase...we knew the walls needed redoing.....
Surely a couple of coats of paint and a couple of nights on the couch will be all it will take.......

Everyone pitched in.....but lots of undercoat and sealer were needed to make our dodgy walls workable for a finish that was going to be pleasing....

The picture rail went... leaving lots of filling to be done.....
It was decided.....well heavily suggested.....and very well received ...that a neutral colour would serve her well for the next stage of life......

So Antique White it was........

A whole week later she was very pleased to be back in her tiny room that now feels a little bigger and certainly more grown up....
Now just to add a little colour back with some accessories...although she is adamant that she likes it a little on the bare side.......but what am I going to do with the boxes of barbies and other relics that she had stashed and wants me to save for the next generation??

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Him: Helping sand the walls of his sister's room

Her: A room makeover , all hands on deck.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

It was a good week....

I said enough the other day.......

so all that is left to record for posterity and so my girl can look back and remember......

2nd place 
17 and Under Hip Hop Groups 
Love Ya Work!!!

Thursday Thankful List

* School holidays are here

* Husbands  who have extra days off

* Part time jobs that are a very short walk from not requiring any driving to and from

* Seeing the teen excited about cleaning and cooking.....all my nagging must have paid off

* Meg's new little job working with healthy  food choices

*  A bedroom transformed by a little paint and lots of hard work from the family...actually the husband and teen have done the most work...and it wasn't just a little bit of paint that was needed !

* The pure joy of performing, having success and being cheered on by a great bunch of friends.

* The sheer amount of work that Meg puts into her dance.

* My courageous sister who had my boy over for a play date....and all the other neighborhood kids on top of her five..there were eleven sitting watching a movie when I went to collect him after work!

* Cousins to play with

* Crafting days with friends in the sunshine

* Teen sleepovers that were very quiet

* Haircut days

* Simple homemade pizza  lunches

#801 A  girly TV Reality Show watching night.

My other lists are here...join in with me if you have any thankful thoughts.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meg's week....

I should probably be a little more discreet about this...not so loud and proud....not so exploiting of my children in this social media setting.......
but...what the heck...

I am so proud of this girl..... 

She had the opportunity to dance in a contemporary solo competition tonight - 13 dancers (who did a pretty good job) but our girl

placed second.........

She is such a gem....tonight she danced so beautifully , so mature, so sensitively....I am always in awe of her love and passion.......
 and the best bit......she is big enough to do her own hair, makeup and organise all her own kit...the only thing she can't do is drive herself to endless dance rehearsals....well not yet.

It is turning into a big week for her.....she begins her first part time job tomorrow. She also has one more dance to complete on Friday as part of a Hip Hop troupe......oh and we decided an impromptu repaint of her bedroom after 14 years!

Did I say how proud I am of her......she is determined, self motivated, passionate and just an all round great kid....

I have totally "jumped the gun" on the 52 weeks project for this week.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Him: His footy team won today....go the "Hawks"

Her: She has become a beautiful ballerina.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

These Days of Ours....

...have been filled with....

Extra dance classes in preparation for end of year performances

Minis fetes at school to fund raise for playground equipment

Changes at our church that have been weighty to adapt too

Hosting grandparents at playgroup this week resulting in 250 coming through our doors

Making plans for the school holidays ....but not having too many outrageous expectations

Talking with old friends on the phone making plans to catch up soon

Booking plane rides to make the catch ups happen

Trying to find a rhythm for getting daily chores done when everyone is tired

Printing of resumes to snag a part time job

Arranging after school play dates

Having coffee dates with peeps

Trying to stay in touch with friends who need encouraging

Noticing the common daisy is providing some much needed spring colour in the garden

Organising carpenter quotes to get our house reinforced

Ordering books from the library to read over the holidays

I have spent time wishing I could be here in this space more often

Watching "The Bachelor" with my teen....oh I know....

Loving the beautiful spring days and not so loving the flash storms that breeze through

Giving our nine year old a little more responsibility

Some of our days seem tough, some seem filled with stuff, places to be...always places to be....filled with expectations and deadlines, more lists to get through and no more hours to do them......

But they are our days.....recorded here for us to remember the season we are in....for as surely as we get our heads around this season....another will be pushing on in and turn every thing on it's head......

Trying to be thankful for our days and all that fill it's hours.

 #786 and counting towards my 1000 gifts


Monday, September 22, 2014


Him: Taking his turn at working the class stall at the mini fete

Her: Finding her inner "Pippi Longstocking" - taming her very long locks.

My 52 weeks project 

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Friday, September 19, 2014

This week's listening......

Listening to this a lot this week....

This is for anyone who has a lot going on........

Especially for those in my life, who are about to head into new know who you are....


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* A quiet library  with wifi to do some overtime.

* A passionate teen who is always planning the future

* A new coffee shop in walking distance that may just become a new go to

* Monday date days with my man

* Knowing from past will all get done

* Friends who text to check up and keep it real

* The most beautiful of Spring days to soak up

* The all clear on a skin check.... Now for the me to get it done too.

* Extremely funny texts from our teen hardly containing her excitement over Something silly

* Nice teen friends to hang out with

* The resources at my fingertips  to enable planning ...what did we do before Google and Pintrest????

* The successful and generous outcome of a Playgroup fundraiser

* The abundance of homegrown produce I have given away this week...eggs, lettuce, lemons and kale.

  #767 Our thoughts turning to making a holiday happen soon

My other lists are here.


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